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As an INTJ I do not belong to the personalities with a percieving function, unlike an INTP. Here, however, the model also reaches its limits if I am to classify my self-observation here. The functions of INTJ are Introverted Intuition, Extroverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling and Extroverted Sensing. This also makes sense so far, since the two extroverted functions represent my productivity outwardly well, both abstractly and tangibly. According to MBTI, percievers are personalities that have Introverted Feeling or Thinking as one of the first two functions, and are thus particularly responsive to environmental influences, unlike Ni or Si, which has to do with information processing. Of course, that's true in the first place, and what happens around me usually leaves me cold.

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Oculus Rift

I built myself a PC some time ago to run Hauptwerk, especially the Rotterdam organ, which meant a very quiet case and cooler, an I7 4790K and 32GB RAM. When I stumbled over the Microsoft Flight Simulator, I also built in a decent graphics card (Geforce 1070 with 8GB). On the advertising pages of the graphics card driver was information about VR games, so in the aftermath I had an eye on it. More or less unplanned, I decided to buy an Oculus Rift in late November, together with The Climb.

Virtual Reality Experience

The first conclusion: VR is just cool. When I was in Trier for the Christmas shopping, I was really wondering why the customers in the media markets do not carry these things out on a pallet-wise - instead, it seems that the VR glasses have not yet reached the mass market. The Oculus Rift is already pretty mature and affordable with 449 €, a good monitor costs about the same amount. During the setup, I blocked myself first a few days because I did not find the HDMI output on the graphics card and thought it had four display ports. Only after the newly ordered HDMI on Displayport adapter did not work, I've read through the description again and found that behind the third same-looking plug of the graphics card actually hides a HDMI. The setup was pretty straightforward and the introduction is just cool: the touch controllers are presented as the virtual hands, they are exactly where your hands should be and do exactly what your hands do - grab, point ... and everything in 3D.

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INTPMom - Nachtrag

There is an addendum to the article: "INTPMom": My mother is INFP and unfortunately can not speak English, so I have given her the article to read in the German translation. Her opinion was that this is terribly lonely and invented the very nice comparison that INTP / INTJ are lonely castles. Right. In that case, you can go one step further, that either INTx lives alone in the castle - which is not bad at all - or if you find a soul-related INTx, then it is just two, but just as lonely in relation to the world. I had to make it clear to her, that's just how it is, and we do not mind. Well, I would prefer the state of "lonely together" to "lonely alone" and have spun the comparison a little further: The problem is then that the lonely castles also hide and want to be untraceable. I seem to be an exception because I've been hired a barker for a long time (means online dating, blogs ...), unfortunately, but still no one finds me. On the other hand, looking for INTx in the dating portals is fruitless. That, however, is really not logical: Of course, online is pretty frustrating, but better that than nothing and the latter makes really sure that you will not be found. So far, nothing better has occurred to me with better chance of success. It does not work on the street anyway and I can not change my job every few months just to meet other people.

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Typisierung: Hermione Granger

This article is a good example of the merciless INTJ objectivism. Actually, I wanted to prove here that Hermione Granger is an INTJ, despite different opinions in various forums. Then I read again volumes 6 and 7 and had to revise my opinion. What distinguishes an INTJ from many other types is that opinions are (almost) based solely on facts, and if the facts just do not support the opinion anymore, you have to change it, it is that easy.

So what personality type does Hermione Granger from Harry Potter have? There are essentially two opinions: INTJ and ISTJ, but INTP and ESFJ have also been mentioned. After skimming through the last two volumes, I first noticed that the books are almost exclusively about Harry, Ron and Hermione are really little more than sidekicks and do not have much text. What you can say: She is clearly introverted: she draws her power from within (there is this scene where she sits alone in a classroom with the little birds around her). Apart from Harry and Ron, she does not have any friends, and these only because they met each other on the very first ride on the Hogwarts Express.

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True words ... from intpmom

I'm always rummaging through the web for interesting blogs - from and with INTx. So I came across The blogger is INTP and has given up her scientific career in favor of two children. Again, it is a good read in a congenial style.

Especially worth reading were these four articles:

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Nobody let me help

This headline is not quite right, but right for the things that I would really like to improve, to contribute to. I now have quite a handful of repositories at GitHub and Sourceforge where my suggestions for improvement have simply been rejected. Why is that exactly? I have no idea. Either other people do not see the need for improvement, or they do not like the way I made the improvements or ...?

Actually, it is very prevalent in the software field, if not part of the principle, that several volunteers work together. In principle ... Let's take Mach3. This is a home-use CNC software, and a lot of hobbyists are using it to remodel their own machines (and it's not freeware). If you want to cut threads on the lathe

Mach3-cut thread M8

Mach3-cut thread M8

then you can not determine the machine code directly and the included tool was ... let's say very rudimentary.

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Blöder Perfektionismus

I don't know if I it's possible that i have the worst possible combination of personality traits: The analytic-logical side of the INTJ combined with the perseverance of the perfectionist (Enneagram 1). Worst in the sense of: No one else is that freaky. Anyway, that's how it feels in these days. Example 1: This photo

My Prusa I3 Mk2

My Prusa I3 Mk2 with modifications, shot with three flashes

As with many other things that I do, this photo also has two purposes, which is simply more efficient: on the one hand the photo as such, on the other hand the pictured 3D printer. I wanted to discuss the latter for the same reason and I saw the potential for a good photo, then I wanted to make one. Click once with the phone would have taken 5 seconds. This photo about 4 hours.

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INTJs - similiarities across borders

The discussion about the reliablility of MBTI is constantly flaming up again and again. An INTJ-Youtuber Youtube Channel: INTJ lost it completely (untypical for an INTJ), erased everything, and claims now that all this is nonsense. On the other hand, I had an experience that, on the contrary, is a very strong argument for people with the same MBTI type being very similar. I came across this blog: and although the blogger - Geomeun Goyangi - is a woman from a very different culture - somewhere in Asia - the content could easily be mine, even the writing style - with a penchant for side notes - is similar. This means nothing else than that the thought structures for a type are the same regardless of the environment.

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Repair instead of new

From the series: you can fix almost anything. Since I am against wasting resources and the throwaway society I prefer repair, even if noone is doing it because it simply takes too long and is thus too expensive. The outdoor lights stopped shining, which was not very surprising given their new function as a underwater spotlight:

underwater spotlight ...

underwater spotlight ...

Every 'normal' buisinessman would've junked them and bought some new ones, but I'm not normal and quite frugal.

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Making your tools yourself ...

Do it yourself has something ... I needed a 10 ° angle cutter, but had none (if there is even one to buy). In the old craft tradition, the craftsman makes his own tools. The material question was quite simple: Silver steel (115 CR V3) can be processed with normal tools and easily hardened.

self-built 10º angle cutter

self-built 10º angle cutter

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New category: Engineering

On a short notice, I decided to move some contents. I am not 100% sure, but the combination of introverted intuition and extroverted thinking is responsible for my technical affinity. Everything that follows deterministic rules. Especially in some situations Ni allows me creative solutions to unusual problems, so I just copy the relevant Facebook posts here and then translate them. I think these posts are quite well suited as an illustration for the mindset of an INTJ. In addition, such a blog finally lives on its contents.


For a very, very long time, humanity has delved into utopias. I once sorted and read a few unread issues of DIE ZEIT and per chance the editions of Utopia (about Thomas More) and Communism came up right one after another. The problem is, however, that these utopias all have one thing in common: they do not work, however tempting their solutions to certain problems may seem. It is bothering me for a quite long time why they are not working and whether just I could build a system that works in reality, but there are a few obstacles. The main problem with the thing is probably that people are by definition not equal.

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It is often said that INTJs have the Cassandra Syndrome: able to foresee the future (or even have a plan to ward off possible disasters), but nobody cares. Although I am usually not very prone to mood swings, right now I have a really bad case of Cassandra Syndrome and there's nothing I can do to change that. Except to write in a blog nobody reads. You cannot watch TV either. There were several reports: Once on the garbage mafia in Calabria, climate change and a report on the Brexit, plus a satirical contribution on the health system in the German Channel extra3.

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I cannot stand it when ...

... stories are nonsense. I do not watch that much TV, but lately Interstellar was on TV, and at least the soundtrack is famous. Unfortunately I did not like the story at all and on a closer inspection there are a lot of very big logical mistakes. A key element of the film is time dilation, which allows astronauts to outlive all the people remaining on Earth. Unfortunately, this is physically impossible, especially the scene where they land on the planet orbiting the black hole where minutes turn into years. In principle yes but so - never. The first big faux pas is when the sun is shining. I beg your pardon?! Since when does a black hole is shinning ?! Then I calculated this out of pure curiosity. Yes, a time dilation by a factor of 10,000 is possible, says the General Theory of Relativity. The only question is: how strong has the gravity field to be to obtain such an effect? I have misplaced my calculation, but the result was similar to the surface of a neutron star. With that we are far, far below the Roche border where a solid body loses its cohesion due to the tidal forces, means: Only the gravitational difference between the head and big toe would simply atomize a man, if that's enough ...

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The death of the cat

Basically, I'm not a friend of procrastination - with one exception: Schroedinger's cat. In situations where there is a good chance of killing the cat when lifting the lid, I like to postpone it. I've been stalling a real intelligence test for several years now. On the one hand, the results from self-test books and Internet tests suggested that it would have to be enough for giftedness (> 130), but then you never know. But because Mensa seemed to me to be the last chance to get in contact with like-minded people, there was no other option left as to take the test. Now it was quite short-term and there was a big catastrophe in the company and two 80-hour weeks without a weekend in a row are not exactly the ideal test preparation. For the test itself, the organization was a mess and a hallway with improvised tables is not exactly the ideal environment. In short, the result (126) killed the cat quite spectacularly.

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