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It is often said that INTJs have the Cassandra Syndrome: able to foresee the future (or even have a plan to ward off possible disasters), but nobody cares. Although I am usually not very prone to mood swings, right now I have a really bad case of Cassandra Syndrome and there's nothing I can do to change that. Except to write in a blog nobody reads. You cannot watch TV either. There were several reports: Once on the garbage mafia in Calabria, climate change and a report on the Brexit, plus a satirical contribution on the health system in the German Channel extra3.

The first point is not even from the TV, this one I've made up myself: in response to the realization that there are a lot of rules you have to follow when you send employees to Luxembourg and that you need almost an additional Employee only to cope with the bureaucracy. That brought me to the realization that the relationship between government and citizen has become quite unbalanced. The government is developing more and more into a punitive instrument, which likes to impose fines for the violation of regulations, even if they are only inferior (in the case of the popular speed traps, most of the violators are just 10 km / h too fast). On the other hand, the government doesn't feel responsible for its citizens, nor does it want to have this responsibility codified. We are talking about a real state liability law, something that Germany does not have. There are only a few lines about the misconduct of civil servants on duty and there is virtually never any judicial compensation for it. It does not matter if laws that violate fundamental law are enacted or if the security promise is broken or the promised infrastructure is not provided: the citizen has no claim. It would only be logical to hold the government accountable: it provides for internal security, we all pay for it, and when violence does happen, the government should compensate for it. If I buy a car and it does not drive, then it is not done with a shrug. I did what I could do (written to a party, so please should think about it) but nothing will happen.

The garbage is truly scary: Probably a small group of mafiosi with a sub-organization in politics, administration and economics dumped garbage at dumping prices, and it was not the normal sort but the one we are quarreling over here for decades. How to safely store the stuff for hundreds of thousands of years. The Calabrian Solution for Low Level Radioactive Waste: Tipping into the river, sinking into the sea along with the transport ship, burying barrels, dumping in landfills, or processing as aggregate in construction materials. The same is true for toxic waste of all kinds. Because of that exactly the opposite of what you want happened: Virtually the whole area is contaminated and people are dying in rows by cancer. The local environmental protection authority claims to have never measured anything conspicuous. The stuff is in the groundwater, in the vegetables, in the meat, everywhere. A barrel can safely be stored in a dry mine and it will not get away. But if you distribute the keg in the area, then it can be recovered only with a huge effort or not at all. In spite of everything, the population is silent and the local authorities - with the exception of a few prosecutors - do nothing.

Next case: climate change. You do not have to imagine anything, it's already there: half of the Great Barrier Reef is already dead and the rest is not feeling well anymore. The polar bears are dying out because there is no ice anymore. What happens politically? There are discussions about on the 2-degree limit, but this is quite probably no longer a realistic option at all. The emissions are still rising. In Germany, the prospections are currently in progress for the quad coalition, and I predict that at most a minimal compromise will come out of it, but by no means the determined measures needed to cope with the situation. A similar inactivity also applies to Brexit: There is the deadline, but Theresa May seems to have no plan at all, how and what should actually be done, the Labor Party is similarly divided and the first rounds of negotiations with the EU have brought no approximation. Again, I predict that they drive the car right against the wall. Sorry, but when I look at it that way, I see black for the future of humanity. It is like you confront governments with a real problem that calls for a solution, but everyone involved, like the rabbits in front of the tiger, is stunned or bargaining without results until it's too late. Happy meal. For the tiger.

And back to the beginning: I see the need for action, but what can I do as an individual? Nothing. Sure, I can write letters and blogs, but they'll be ineffective. Every four years I'm allowed to do a cross, which says nothing about how I would solve these problems, because that's just not being discussed politically. Like the health reflex. Rationally, the current two-class medicine in Germany is nonsense. Politically, the civil servants and the doctors and a lot of other rich and influential people benefit from it, so it's certainly not abolished, not even discussed. And as a dot on the i, I happen to read in an older edition of DIE ZEIT: Democracy through elections has nothing to do with ancient democracy. There, the People's Representation was drawn. As a result, ordinary people were responsible and because their term of office was limited they were also free in their decision. But during the French and American revolutions, the revolution leaders corrupted the principle of proclaiming democracy but introduced elections, which led to nothing more than an electoral oligarchy - the group of people who made the revolutions. Which are easily corporable through the different lobby groups or their focused view to the next re-election. The well-being of the state seems to be clearly neglected. Crap.

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Nachdem ich ja schon vorher über das Cassandra-Syndrom geschrieben habe und dass ich in Bezug auf die großen Dinge machtlos bin, jetzt einmal das Ganze aus einem sehr viel persönlicheren Bezug. Es ist auch ein sehr schönes Beispiel dafür, wie sehr die Sc


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