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I cannot stand it when ...

... stories are nonsense. I do not watch that much TV, but lately Interstellar was on TV, and at least the soundtrack is famous. Unfortunately I did not like the story at all and on a closer inspection there are a lot of very big logical mistakes. A key element of the film is time dilation, which allows astronauts to outlive all the people remaining on Earth. Unfortunately, this is physically impossible, especially the scene where they land on the planet orbiting the black hole where minutes turn into years. In principle yes but so - never. The first big faux pas is when the sun is shining. I beg your pardon?! Since when does a black hole is shinning ?! Then I calculated this out of pure curiosity. Yes, a time dilation by a factor of 10,000 is possible, says the General Theory of Relativity. The only question is: how strong has the gravity field to be to obtain such an effect? I have misplaced my calculation, but the result was similar to the surface of a neutron star. With that we are far, far below the Roche border where a solid body loses its cohesion due to the tidal forces, means: Only the gravitational difference between the head and big toe would simply atomize a man, if that's enough ...

The next movie was Ender's Game. I liked the story better, especially the first part where Ender asserts himself in the academy. Only the part with the aliens was again complete nonsense. The idea behind it is this: The evil aliens have attacked the earth and humantiy survived only with luck, and now makes a preventive counter-stroke to extinguish the threat forever. Ender considers it a training scenario, does what is required and destroys an entire species, albeit only with much luck and superior tactical skill. The problem with this is that anyone who has ever played Command & Conquer or any other tactical game knows this is crazy. Nothing can go down that drain like a preemptive strike that is not strong enough. You throw everything into the attack, it gets stuck and you won't survive the answer. Then the opponent has no desire to negotiate at all and there is nothing left to stop the remaining enemy troops. If you decide to hit, then only if you are sure to have the necessary strength for this blow and that was obviously not the case here. Unfortunately, that happened often in history. Of course, there were commanders like McClellan, who always thought they were not strong enough and therefore did not manage anything - Adolf Hitler, however, has invaded Russia without clearly defined, achievable goals and, moreover, without having completed the previous battle with England. History teaches that you have to be aggressive, but in a controlled way. Market Garden was a failure and too daring, but Montgomery's troops survived largely intact.


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