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Sigma Alpha

Today I once again had a great example of what it means to be an INTJ sorting in the social structure as Sigma Alpha. My uncle is a fan of old pinball tables and nine years ago or so, a dealer has lent him one so he can replicate it in the simulator. Since then it was with in our warehouse. Because there piled up so much stuff I asked friendly if it can be returned again and today should be the date. An older man arrived with a rented transporter and nothing else. He probably had a defect in his car shortly before Trier and had to take a rental car. I do not know why he did not reload his tools, but he showed up naked, so to speak. He did not know much about pinballs and my uncle (ENFJ) talked to him a lot when it came to loading the thing. I was in the warehouse and wanted to stay out of the issue. Actually …

In short, I could not watch the tragedy for long. He at least knew that you have to unscrew the back and tip it over to the front, but it started with the fact that I was asked for a suitable wrench. It was then, if not before when they put the foam for cushioning in a way under the back panel that the glass pane (quasi irreplaceable valuable) got pressure I had to intervene to protect them from themselves. So I grabbed into my packaging waste to put up padding at the strategic places and then, with a heavy heart, I also sacrificed one of my lashing straps (with the promise that I would get it back, let's wait and see) to fix it for sure. Then I grabbed my tool bag and coordinated the further dismantling and loading action. The problem with these vans is after all that you can not really fix something in them in factory state, if you have nothing at all with you less than ever. But then I found suitable material with which I underlayed the whole box which at the same time gave a good anti-slip effect.

What I'm getting at: For a NJ at a clients place, that would be the nightmare for me, I'd be mortified. Well, I had to scrounge something from customers, but that was such common stuff as towels, vacuum cleaners or pencils that can be found in every household. Every time I was on assembly and I encountered problems of which I was not sure if I could solve then I got cold sweats. This is also more or less the reason that I have invested now the 250 hours for the interior finishing of my service car. In my light truck, I have pretty much everything I could need - which in turn means that I would have the right tool for every situation. If not, there is space left and I continue to fill up. Professionalism means at least that you know what you are doing there and also being properly equipped and it is a good feeling when in case of a problem you just have to go to the car and get the right tool. Forward-thinking and thorough planning on how to place everything - and optimization after the initial test runs - that's all so typical of INTJ. And for a sigma it's so typical not to interfere when it's not directly affects me, but to take responsibility when other people run into their ruin. In this case, the part would not have arrived safely in the condition it was loaded. They let me do it, but if there are stubborn hardheads which don't want my interference, i do not care.

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eine Firma steht jetzt definitiv an einem Scheidepunkt - ob es eine Zukunft gibt oder nicht. Witzigerweise völlig anders als man das je vermutet hätte. Nicht Corona, nicht fehlende Umsätze oder unzureichende Gewinne (oder gar Verluste), sondern einfach da


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Christine on :

Wir hatten mal einen Heizungsmonteur, der für jedes Teil, das er nicht mitgenommen hatte, sich ins Auto gesetzt hat und erstmal weg war. Gut, er wurde nach Arbeitstunden bezahlt, somit also verständlich. Nur die Arbeit wurde dadurch wieder verzögert. Ein besonderer Spezialist auf diesem Gebiet! Für uns ein heul doch running Gag, als er aus Versehen eine Leitung angebohrt hatte und behauptete er wärs nicht. Natürlich musste er erst wegfahren, um das wieder in Ordnung zu bringen. Fazit also: Richtig vorbereitet zu sein ist auf jeden Fall mehr als die Miete?
In meiner Handtasche ist deshalb auch so einiges für den Notfall drinnen????????
LG Christine

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