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In the environment of Introvert Intuitives there is also a whole lot of highly sensitive people (HSP). These are extremely sensitive to seemingly normal environmental conditions. I do not really count myself to this group. Why not really? What I have noticed - and in recent times intensified: I am in a sense already very receptive to my senses.

feet in stream

How many times am I called to look at something and find out how it works. I take a look on the website there is a nice button that you can click. Why do I see the button and nobody else? I don't know. Or someone runs through the depot looking for something and does not find it. Then I take over personally and within five minutes I have found the object. I know that I have sensitive ears for a long time. When I see with which machines the commissioned craftsmen have worked with here and that without any hearing protection - all customers for the hearing care professional of tomorrow. I have been using hearing protection for years and even go to concerts with earplugs, but I could not avoid having tinnitus now. It can be endured - white noise above 12kHz - but it is still not fun. But my hearing is good enough to be able to tune my piano myself. Once you know what you need to hear, that's not so hard. The only insensitive sense seems to be my nose, because tasting and feeling are also well developed.

I could never understand why such a fuss is made about torque wrenches for some bike parts. I tighten the screws by hand and feel what happens there. If a thread is overloaded, you will notice that. The only thing I'm on the warpath with are M2 taps and smaller, especially when the workpiece is clamped tightly. If you hold the workpiece in your hand, then you have sensory feedback in both hands. If it is clamped, then you only turn the tap and once it is catches it is off. Something similar has happened to me once when tuning a rather old piano: The bass pages are already so stretched that they break without warning.

Despite everything: This is not HSP, but probably also not normal in terms of "like the majority of people". What that exactly results of is unknown to me, for example, whether the visual receptiveness is coupled with the IQ - no idea. At the moment I see only the connection that I just see a lot of what others do not see and then with my perfectionist streak leads to that I am just very thorough. Or react to machines in case of defects in the early stages because the noise changes slightly. Anyway, it seems to be one of the aspects that makes me part of the minority.


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