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I don't like lids

Jar with lid

Well, the lids on containers are not meant by this headline. After all, you want the paint to stay in the bucket and not spread out everywhere. But lids in a figurative sense ... they are an unpleasant experience.

To understand that, I have to look back in time: As a child you start to discover the world and the possibilities are limitless. Just completely without a lid. The older you get, the more you begin to understand that the world is more like a holodeck, where at some point the wall is there and can not be moved. This means that the seemingly infinity has a limit.

I'm a lover of fantasy and, to a certain extent, sci-fi, but although at first glance it seems like the amount of books is endless, I've managed to exhaust the genre on Amazon. Of course, I have not read everything, but there is nothing left on the suggestion list that might interest me. The same is true of online dating portals: at first glance there are tens of thousands of candidates, but if I consider that I only match with INTP / INTJ / INFJ, within a certain age range and geographical radius - there is not much left and is exhausted in no time.

In another aspect, I am already notorious for my lid-detection ability: advertising promise, software and so on. So a software vendor may promise what his product can do - you can bet that in less than a day, Ifind out where the limits are. The same with fairs and salesmen: There is a lot of advertising - and I see immediately the crux, just what the sellers do not say.

Now if you translate that to the personality types, the problem gets obvious: a Sensor may not mind, he'll probably be reassured that his world is manageable with defined boundaries. However, this is different for an Intuitive: since the options are crucial, it is extremely sobering to note that these possibilities are limited. Basically, this is also responsible for the fact that I regularly change my hobbies. So far, I've come across the lid in most cases. Although not the absolute lid, but my personal relative one. For example, on the road bike I did not manage to do more than 4,000 kilometers a year, even with winter training - and that result in a performance limit. If I had doubled or tripled that there would have been a higher level of performance possible, but as the 90-10 law says: the gain is only small while the effort increases immensely. And as soon as you realize this, it will be much more interesting not to try hard to raise the lid a bit, but to orient yourself in a new direction where there is still much to be explored. The crux of the matter is, then, that one needs impulses for this reorientation and as long as they stay away, one literally remains on the spot and that's just frustrating.

I also hoped to do something with this blog here, but that does not seem to be feasible in the sense that there is not enough feedback and I can not think of what I can do to get more frequency. That would provide more feedback, especially in German-speaking countries. I've also tried to find other similar blogs around the world (if they're in a language that I understand), but as far as I can tell, I've pretty much exhausted the area as well as on YouTube. There are many blogs / channels that have been started, but ones you could actively follow and where you might find an exchange of ideas - no just lots of zombies. It should not be me, I could increase the posting frequency at any time considerably, but why, if there are no reactions?


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