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Sure, INTJ are not known as social contemporaries and Christmas is the time for social gathering. Fortunately, I have the gift of a strong sense of self-awareness and could recognize some amazing details this year. I have a little nephew who is turning two now. This one is - like most biennials - not to keep quiet in his chair, but runs around in the apartment, touches everything (especially everything that looks like a car) and woe, you take it away, then the crying begins. As a result, he is allowed to do it all. Sure, two-year-olds are in the middle of getting to know and interacting with their surroundings.

What struck me now is that I feel the same way, but in contrast I am not allowed to do that, it is expected socially that i just have to sit quietly in my chair and listen to the chatter of the adults. Evilly formulated. INTJs are not different in that respect from two-year-olds: we too need a permanent mental stimulus, and conversation about topics that are not interesting in our eyes simply does not count.

That does not mean that we would not like to talk, even happily and across a variety of areas of interest (after all, I cooked some of the Christmas dinner myself), but educating two-year-olds and preparing for weddings just is not one of them. It finally went so far that I went into the cellar and shoveled woodchips for the heating, because otherwise I just could not stand it any longer. It may be considered immature now, but it is this childlike curiosity that gives us that unbiased view of the world. So that means that we either discover something or do something, everything else falls under keeping face and is simply against our nature. On the plus side, this also means that the instruction manual for an INTJ is pretty simple: give him a toy that he can try and he is happy. A nice example: My mother has brought a recipe for a DIY torch from a Christmas market: Just dip a roll of toilet paper in hot wax or fat (old frying fat works great) and kindle. Burns well controlled one hour and costs practically nothing.

DIY torch from frying fat and toilet paper

DIY torch from frying fat and toilet paper

No idea how many people would actually try that, but an INTJ drives curiosity: how does it work best (tape it to make it more stable), what's the working principle (like a wick, the fat goes up outside and burns on the surface, while the carrier (the toilet paper) remains almost intact until the fuel is exhausted), Ni then throws in the detail that during the development of the efficient cannons the gunpowder was pressed in tubular form because the surface of a tube remains constant when burning. In short: a lot of stimulus and thus irresistible. As predicted, the torch then went out almost suddenly, the carrier then slowly glowed down. Although I did not have to quench, but I had something ready: put it in a large pot and lid on it. Water is just a bad idea in combination with burning hydrocarbons. Incidentally, only an INTJ is happy to have an opportunity to measure the flame temperature of such a fire: about 550°C, not so hot at all, that may be sufficient for a sausage to fry, but you can melt nothing except lead and tin.

The principle of constant stimulus is also the reason why I like to listen to music for certain activities: if the activity gets along with a minimum of brain activity, the remaining gray matter must finally be in a good mood and music can do that quite well. I would have liked to play Nightwish aloud at Christmas, but unfortunately I was not allowed to. And said wedding would have been much nicer if the table neighbors had something interesting to tell, but that was empty hope. Funnily enough, you can fantasize about ideas with an INFP: If I actually marry, I'll build a scene from The Last Knight, where at dusk a path lined with torches or fire pots will be stalked along. I already have the construction manual for the torches, because it only needs a piece of one inch heating pipe, stovepipe and some wire in between as rust, fused together with a few welding points, done. 100 € are enough for a whole avenue of the things. Unfortunately, for 95% of all other people, this is just crazy talk ...


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Christine on :

Mehr brauch ich dazu nicht zu sagen, denn ich hab schon Bauchweh vor lachen!!!!
LG Christine

Christine on :

Ich muss echt sagen, mich würden sie wahrscheinlich mit zu dir in den Keller schicken, da ich mit meiner kicherei, nur weil ich dich dabei beobachtet habe, unter dem Tisch liege. Sowas fällt unangenehm auf, leider. ????????LG Christine

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