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As an INTJ I do not belong to the personalities with a percieving function, unlike an INTP. Here, however, the model also reaches its limits if I am to classify my self-observation here. The functions of INTJ are Introverted Intuition, Extroverted Thinking, Introverted Feeling and Extroverted Sensing. This also makes sense so far, since the two extroverted functions represent my productivity outwardly well, both abstractly and tangibly. According to MBTI, percievers are personalities that have Introverted Feeling or Thinking as one of the first two functions, and are thus particularly responsive to environmental influences, unlike Ni or Si, which has to do with information processing. Of course, that's true in the first place, and what happens around me usually leaves me cold.

Now, over time, I have found out that this is not everything: climbing had always a kind of magical attraction for me, every time I drove past the Sella massif I imagined what it would be like climbing up there. In fact, when I do that in the local climbing garden, the conflict between the percieving of the climbing experience and my two primary functions is revealed (which have been scared each time). Not entirely unfounded when I look at my list of near accidents. On the other hand, the feeling of hanging on a vertical rock face only with the tips of your fingers and toes is not knowing whether you can make it to the top and the sense of achievement if you have reached the top is enormous. I can still remember that I climbed a 6a a few days before a Teeth-Op and that helped a lot to bring me mentally back from the dentist chair to the rock face, so strong was the experience. Is that Fi? Or Si / Ti from the mirror half (à la INTP)? no idea. The guys who like adrenaline rushes are mostly xSFP. That combination Se / Fi would explain that. But in any case it is the proof that even in the reduction of 16 types described by many Sensing types as being too rigid, there is still a great deal in deeper layers, and thus also people with the same type can be very different, depending on how pronounced both the 3rd and 4th functions and also the balance to the mirror functions is.

This is a bit different now, but fits into this context: I have personally watched a lot of vlogs from INTJs, preferably female ;-). Roughly speaking, these fall into two categories: For one group, the emission of Fe is practically zero, they have the charm of an iceblock. (By comparison, INFJ have Fe as a secondary function, which makes them look so sweet, ENFJ even more). But there are some INTJ that clearly fit into the type because of thought structure, but still emit at least some Fe. This can only be in the Fi / Fe balance, not everyone has the 100% T like mine one. At the same time that also means that not every INTP (with Fe as a 4th function), also carries this noticeably outward.


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