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Intuitives oder The Search for Peppp

No matter what you think of MBTI & Co. - there is one distinguishing feature that divides people into two groups. Like sheep and border collies. On the one hand, there is the (large) majority that has found its place in society, and on the other, those who that is simply not enough. People who stand out of the crowd and want to make a difference, and often enough they accomplish that. Or, to put it even more florid, these guys have a lot of pep or buzz. That's somethink like a very catchy description of the "N" vs. "S" of the four letters and probably the most impacting aspect.

What I find very, very puzzling and what I can not understand is the proportion of the Intuitives in the population. Values between 25% and 35% are found on the pertinent pages, but that can not be, that completely contradicts my observations. In the extended family there are indeed Intuitives - my mother is INFP, my two uncles probably ENTP and ENFJ, my mother also has a friend which is also ENTP - but that is the end of the list. Unfortunately, I can not ask my grandmother (the mother of the uncles) anymore, but I'm pretty sure she was INTJ just like me - which makes it obvious that these personality traits are inherited. But when I look beyond the family at the people I know well enough to guess their type - all Sensors. My salesmen, the fitters, cleaners, my dancing partner. I have been asked many times if she would be a possible partner ... in principle yes, but. She should be ISTJ - she is missing just the said pep. I would like to learn Lindy-Hop or Boogie-Woogie - but she would never do it. I also advertised the position of assistant to the management - with the option of a 49% stake in the company, ie co-ownership. There was only one applicant on my ad, whom I had ask to take the test previously: ESFJ. Unfortunately this was also confirmed during the job interview - no spunkiness. Unfortunately I talked him completely against the wall and not much came back. The problem is, you need visions, goals, imagination, and determination for the job. I always imagined that so beautiful: The store is not finished yet and the desired candidate would have made the tour with me and let his ideas flow. The remaining three factors wouldn't have really mattered to me, but without intuition it just does not work. For example, both an INFJ and an ENTJ are very good at increasing the efficiency of the workforce. They do it in completely different ways, but that does not matter.

The stands in stark contrast to the media presence of the Intuitives. No matter if you lead people or create something new or just have a blog or YouTube channel: just as they are untraceable in the mass, they gather in such a context. If you look into history, then something else sticks out. Because monarchies are based on inheritance, it's pretty much by chance what kind of guy comes to the throne, unlike democracies or dictatorships. The outstanding monarchs were probably also Intuitives, such as Louis XIV of France, Frederick II of Prussia, Ramses II, Akhenaten, Edward I - to name just a few. An S-type would probably never create a great empire or carry out visionary reforms. If these came to the throne, there were two possibilities: either the status quo and standstill - which was true for a very long line of successors of these monarchs - or they had in their court someone (an N-type of course) wo did the job. Prime examples of this were the Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin during the reign of Louis XIII. or Bismarck for the German emperors.

Back to here and now. Since I'm personally looking for INTJ, INTP and INFJ, I can only search online. Why? Because you do not usually find such girls in a bar, they hate bars and only go there when they're being carried along by a friend. And unfortunately there is no common future with E-types, as they hardly give up their circle of friends and move to the Eifel. In principle, I would give up my company here if someone had an even more lucrative existence, but that is kind of unlikely.

Assuming now that you have a reasonably representative cross-section of the target group there, the ratio N to S there is also frightening and quite, certainly not at 3 to 1. As I said, the Intuitive has goals and visions and should also in be able to share these. Simply put, what kind of person am I looking for and what do I have what others do not have? But what you find are mostly empty profiles, where the ladies sometimes even reduce themselves to just one photo. But I do not want a photo, but a person who blews me away! There is the opposite, but the frequency is perhaps 20: 1 to 100: 1. If you add that E is much more common than I, and for women even more so - we approach the zero-comma limit mathematically - that's probably bordering on hopelessness.

In short: Intuitives - where can you be found in real life ???


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M.W. on :

Interessant ist auch wie häufig in der Gesellschaft die Funktion introvertierte Intuition (INJ) an dominanter Position oder zumindest an 2. Stelle zu finden ist (0,5-1%?). Und dagegen wie häufig int. Sensoren (gefühlt 60-70%). Aber die Evolution hat es scheinbar so gewollt. Generell leben wir in einer STJ dominierten Welt aus Regeln und Traditionen, was für INJ Typen sehr frustrierend und ein offensichtlicher Nachteil ist. NP-Typen kommen etwas besser klar, da die extr. Intuition bei Traditionellen Typen im niedrigen bewussten Bereich liegen und sie diese Funktion zumindest mal sympathisch/interessant finden.
Evtl. ändert sich dieses Verhältnis in der Zukunft wenn die Maschinen wichtiger werden. Damit fallen die typischen sensorischen Arbeitsplätze weg und diese Typen werden, ich sag mal, uninteressant und nicht mehr gebraucht.

Stephan Brunker on :

Wenn man nach den auf den einschlägigen Seiten veröffentlichten Prozentzahlen geht, müssten es 2% INJ sein. Ich halte diese Zahl aber für falsch oder frage mich jedenfalls wie sie zustandekommt. Man bräuchte eine repräsentative Stichprobe von Testteilnehmern und ich weiß nicht ob das gemacht wurde. Nimmt man hingegen die Menge der Testteilnehmer, dann sind Intuitive auf jeden Fall überrepräsentiert, da für die meisten Sensoren solche Tests einfach nur Humbug sind und die da gar nicht erst mitmachen.

N. on :

Ich bin INTJ, weiblich, 28 Jahre und promovierte Chemikerin und ich gehe sehr gerne in Bars und auch feiern :-) Deinen Spamfilter solltest Du übrigens mal optimieren.. Es gibt auch Leute, die den Artikel schneller als in fünf Minuten lesen können.
Liebe Grüße

Stephan Brunker on :

Na ja, der Filter stand auf 500 Wörter pro Minute lesen und 500 Anschläge pro Minute fürs Tippen. Das wären knapp zwei Minuten fürs Lesen. Das ist schon sportlich, aber zugegebenermaßen geht es noch ein klein wenig schneller. Ich schaffe vielleicht 600 wenn ich noch alles verstehen will. Und beim Tippen muss man sich ja noch überlegen was man schreibt.

Und von wegen Bars: Das hängt wohl sehr vom Publikum ab wenn man da alleine hingehen will. Ich wüsste aber bei mir hier nichts was das entsprechende Publikum anzieht und wo man sich über interessante Sachen unterhalten könnte. In Gesellschaft mit anderen die man kennt ist das etwas anderes, das steht ja auch so im Artikel. Und alleine feiern … wie heißt es schon bei "Asterix und die Schweizer": "Eine Orgie allein ist auch nicht so lustig".


in strategischen , online Gameplays im Teammodus. CSGO zum Beispiel.....


Wobei ich glaube, wenn wir nicht gefunden werden wollen oder aber merken '' Jemand möchte etwas von uns ohne zu wissen was'' wird man Sie eher blockieren, als mit Ihnen zu sprechen.

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