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Small update: At the moment I'm not really blogging because my skills as an INTJ are needed in my company. I was only able to browse through a few stock photo databases tat one evening and made a meme for INTJ out of it:



The idea came to me when the news fluttered in that our former ALNO colleague in Trier has filed for bankruptcy. That's the second one after my colleague Reimers in Bonn. On the other hand, if everything goes according to plan we should get out of the mess rather unscathed, or even more accurately: with a brand new exhibition completely reorganized with new suppliers. According to what you heard, there was a generational change in Trier just as we did three or four years ago. However, the junior does not have been up to the task and commercial skills. He often did not arrive until eleven in the morning (okay, me too sometimes) and then he left at three (me too, but at the moment at a.m., not p.m.).

But if you have an INTJ as an entrepreneur, then there is an ongoing situation analysis and the further procedure (the plan) is constantly adapted to current developments. If we spice it up with iron discipline, that unfortunately also means that if the work has to be done there is no after-work time. In other words: I no longer have a private life at the moment, I am constantly pushing the limit of humanly feasible in the range between 80 and 100 hours per week. If you want more, you just get so tired that you lose hours again due to the breaks forced upon you by doziness.

A brief description of the situation: at the beginning of 2017, our main supplier had delivery problems at first. When these problems carried on I didn't paid for the incomplete deliveries because of past, similar experiences. Finally came the bankruptcy and then out of the blue the immediate cessation of production. That resulted to a huge pile of work: We had two cases: If there were no goods at all, we informed the customer and changed the order for a good price to another product to keep the contract. And those with incomplete deliveries we tried to complete. There was a lot of research and creativity needed, but so we could complete the kitchens, get the (almost) full purchase price while we paid nothing for the original delivery. The spare parts were not cheap, but that should be enough in court to justify the non-payment of the original order. Unfortunately, I have to wait two years to hear that when the statute of limitations expires. If the factoring company tries to sue the amount or not. But since everything was properly complained and essential parts have been missing the chances are not bad. The bottom line should be at least a zero if you add the extra effort to the bill cuts.

Although I thought that everyone proceeded as such, but that just does not seem to be the case. The other is the new exhibition: We had to stall to not make the wrong decision in an uncertain situation. We believe I have exactly found the sweet spot where on the one hand all existing kitchens could be sold, but at the same time the current sale has not suffered too much under a plucked exhibition. And with the new concept originally initiated by our purchasing association i kicked them out and took over the control myself. That was a lot of work again, but if you do everything yourself, you finally have the maximum control and no one can force decisions on you. I made a centimeter-accurate wall plan with coordinated kitchens, and of course the four different floorings are also adapted to the kitchens and so on.

It's a challenge (of course there were other disasters as in the case of extradition), but the trick is to disassemble the overwhelmingly large overall problem into manageable pieces, to solve them individually, but always keeping an eye on the overall concept so you do not do anything that has to be changed afterwards again. Exactly INTJ at its best ;-)


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