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At the moment, I am fighting with a total reconstruction of our shop, after the bankruptcy of our main supplier last autumn has blown up all other plans. This requires an tremendous effort to do everything necessary in the required time. In other words, 80 hours of work per week is noted as leisure time, most of the time I'm scratching at the biological limit, which is somewhere around 100 hours. More is less productive because you fall asleep in the middle of something. Now, however, I can well explore on myself how to be motivated for more than half a year for such a exertion - and that in turn depends very much on the Enneagram.

showroom - before

showroom - before

showroom - after

Ausstellung - 3500+ Stunden sp├Ąter vom gleichen Standort, bis auf die Decke ist alles neu und die wurde auch gereinigt und ausgebessert

While the MBTI explains how you think, the Enneagram covers the why - simply the motivation. As already written here, I'm a Type 5 (analyst), with equally strong wings (creative and dutiful) and second, a Type 1 (perfectionist). This explains why I am doing something like that. My favorite thing is to follow my curiosity, try things and find out how they work. Creative problem solving has the same appeal as well as the perceived commitment to the company. The perfectionist works quite well for everything that needs to be built: even if the task does not bring new challenges, a perfect execution is very satisfying and you keep going even if you ask yourself on Monday morning when the weekend is coming. A legitimate question if you have worked through the weekends for months.

Is something noticeable? Money plays no role as motivation source. Power and status also don't. I had to deliberately ask myself where I want to stand in 10 years at all, so the drive fed on short-term incentives. At the same time, this also means that one can only influence people you you take their enneagram into account, because only what fits into the value system is persued on by itself. So for a 1w29 INFP mother it is simply very important and satisfying to be maternal and giving, which one can not instinctively understand as a non-type-2 person. Now all I have to do is find out about the Enneagram and the MBTI from all the people around me, so I would get an instruction manual of sorts.


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