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Introverted Intuition

MBTI as a personality indicator is based on the work of Carl Jung, and he has assigned each personality a number of functions in descending order. Admittedly, this is the part of the theory about which one can argue, but for myself theory and practice agree completely. INTJs and INFJs are the only ones to have Introverted Intuition (Ni) as the primary function. This function is the reason that makes both types so special (and rare). This blog describes this (rather strange) feature for the rest of the world quite well, so I just add a few comments.

Introverted intuition leads to the fact that one walks very observant through life and record more or less everything somewhere. This in itself useless data heap is now managed by the subconscious mind and checked for usefulness in solving current problems. My grandmother was probably also INTJ and she has the sparks of insight overnight, but other periods of relaxation also work ;-) The effect is the following: For a current problem, you have suddenly an insight for a solution that can be inspired by something completely different and has nothing to do with the actual problem. Because this is so integral to our personality, INTJs tend to be Jacks-of-all trades, more than any other type. The more you know and have done, the bigger the fundus - and for all offspring INTJs: the older you get, the worse. Because this flash of insight is so beautiful, there will also be a special category here: INTJ in Action.

What also belongs to Ni is an incredible ability to abstract: everything fits into a big picture. What is obvious for us, other people just do not see and we sometimes react not particularly friendly to this limited wit. For Ni users, the whole world is a great geared machine, and we see at a glance what happens when you turn the wheel F. This also means that we are one of the few people who can naturally distance us from ourselves - that is, we do not look at the overall picture from a personally colored viewpoint, a trait that many people have to learn in character formation.

Benefits of Introverted Intuition:
  • looking at yourself and your actions from an independent perspective
  • aquire a lot of different abilities and become a Jack-of-all-trades
  • make good predictions based on the current situation
  • making sense of many abstract details
  • recognizing patterns in a random heap of information
  • reliably achieve the goals set
  • to a question there are only two answers: either the right one or we admit that we "do not know"
  • if there is a way to perfect something, then we find it
  • concentration on routine work is hard, because our imagination is as real as reality, and if the reality is too boring, we escape into daydreams
  • if something is not perfect, we just can not ignore it and stand our opinion
  • it is difficult to enjoy the here and now - because there is always a planning for the future going on in the background, and these plans are constantly being checked for plausibility.
  • it is not possible to just start something - first it is checked whether it is possible, if it can work like it is planned, then we create a plan in the head and only then we can start
  • when you are ensnared by your curiosity, you'll suck up all the information on the subject, and you can not stop until you understand how it works from the innermost principles
  • you can only make decisions after you have sufficient information for a plausible overall picture


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Christine on :

Mist, stimmt schon wieder alles!!!!
Wobei ich versucht habe Entspannung einzubahnen, bevor da eine Leitung durchschmort????
Und ich dachte, die anderen sind genauso!!!

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