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Repair instead of new

From the series: you can fix almost anything. Since I am against wasting resources and the throwaway society I prefer repair, even if noone is doing it because it simply takes too long and is thus too expensive. The outdoor lights stopped shining, which was not very surprising given their new function as a underwater spotlight:

underwater spotlight ...

underwater spotlight ...

Every 'normal' buisinessman would've junked them and bought some new ones, but I'm not normal and quite frugal.

First of all, you strip it down and clean every part. Functionally, the ignitor was done - somehow it only lasts as long as the bulb. The ballast coil cannot be broken, it works just the same with slight rust marks. I replaced the rusted screws with new ones, some new cables, a 3D printed new gasket for the cable gland stopped the fresh water supply. I took NinjaFlex and after one season the seal is still flawless. Then an new bulb and the thing was as good as new. Only the reflector was not so easy to repair: caused by the underwater treatment, it became blind up to the waterline. Of course, there are no spare parts available.

But if you wait a bit, the INTJ also has a solution for that: The reflectors are typically made of shiny aluminum - I've read that in a different context. So you can even fix that: cut some aluminum foil (is also shiny aluminum), spray it with spray adhesive and rub it on - you cannot see the difference. Therefore on the picture: left and center new, right still blind:

repaired reflector

repaired reflector


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