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INTJs - similiarities across borders

The discussion about the reliablility of MBTI is constantly flaming up again and again. An INTJ-Youtuber Youtube Channel: INTJ lost it completely (untypical for an INTJ), erased everything, and claims now that all this is nonsense. On the other hand, I had an experience that, on the contrary, is a very strong argument for people with the same MBTI type being very similar. I came across this blog: and although the blogger - Geomeun Goyangi - is a woman from a very different culture - somewhere in Asia - the content could easily be mine, even the writing style - with a penchant for side notes - is similar. This means nothing else than that the thought structures for a type are the same regardless of the environment.

I considered writing comments on the individual articles, but since the blogs exchange trackbacks with each other, I can also pack everything in my own article, the technology makes it possible. There are only a handful of INTJ bloggers in the world - at least that's what Google says - and that's why I just want to highlight the similarities and differences. It's a lot of stuff, way too much to put in an article, but I'll start chronologically and comment:

Directly in the first article a little digression back to school time

bullied, punched, spat on, dragged across the play-ground and left bleeding

that was not much different for me, but I cannot remember blood and i'll reveal here for the first time that I struck back, even if these guys were much bigger and heavier than me. (I convinced my worst adversary in the second or third grade with a well-placed liver hook that it's not worth it. "Fury" actually should be placed on the index of youth-endangering writings, it's written there how to do that and that has cost my brother a piece of tooth too). But even so early, it manifests that you are not the same as others and get quickly marginalized and targeted. This leads to the interesting consideration if a part of the independence and determination to pick your own way (a trait that all INTJs apparently share) also just springs from this very situation: Because you are never sheltered by a group and always have to fight alone for yourself. A self-fulfilling prophecy, so to speak. And following the thought even further: A large part of the unrecognized gifted had problems in school and were sometimes poor students. Does that apply to the INTJs too? In my opinion maybe not, because these are just way too independent from their environment so they push themselves through, no matter how. But I see a big difference here, which is also related to the second twenty years of my life: I was never reluctant (sales person ...), so I was offensive with it after I found out that I have this 2% - personality. I don't care what other people think about me, my reputation has been ruined since my schooldays, and with INTJ I now have at least an explanation for it.

For the next article: INTJ: you are smarter than i thought i can quote whole sentences:

The times when a person gets taken aback at my views and how strongly I can hold a debate hitting on all sides of the topic such as for and against regarding all of our viewpoints. Or the several occasions whereby people turn and look at me with a surprised questioning look when I delivered a "fatal" blow to a conversation and blew them out of the water. Or the times when I turn into a nerd about certain subjects and start giving out accurate random information.

People may not think that certain topics or subjects interests me when in fact, I am interested in almost everything and anything that the world has to offer. So much so that there are plenty of stored information in the brain to be opened when the occasion calls for it.

There is not much to add, not even to the meme directly afterwards:

I don't love studying, i hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.

" Homework was pretty much the worst thing back in school. And there were still teachers who said that you should do homework and study for several hours each day. If possible, I did the necessary in school during the five-minute breaks between classes. That earned me at least one F-Grade, because five lines aren't really an essay. It was (and is) for me always most important to understand how the principle behind something works. When you understand something completely, you don't need to do anything else. I have never been able to simply memorize and apply formulas - with total insight you can derive the formulas themselves, that is much more valuable and with that you can also construct completely new formulas for completely new situations (somebody needs the equation for a composite beam made of two materials?)

So, after learning we're going to look after the skills. The title: INTJBreakTheChain: Someone is always better than you is correct, but I'll explain in detail the "curse of the jack-of-all-trades": You can do much, much more than anyone else, because you just constantly learn; on a single subject, however, there are plenty of people who are better than you, just because they spend much more time with their passion. And so the message "learn from those who are better" is correct, because that's exactly what the www has revolutionized: There is a lot of easily accessible information, for those who want to learn everything is just a few clicks away.

I can do just another one: INTJBreakTheChain: talking debate arguement too much effort unless ... Here I have to shot out loud: VETO! Of course I cannot speak for all INTJs, but as I have written before, while I was in elementary school there was a celebration with a lot of speeches and just walked to the lectern and gave a speech too. The salesperson job has further developed this basic talent of verbal communication. I'm still extremely introverted, but when you combine that with the insight from the previous article, that's exactly what it's like: only those who ask can learn from others. Moreover, I can structure the information much better for myself if I give a spontaneous talk about it. So if you are looking for a smalltalk and pick the wrong topic (in my opinion, of course, the right) you have to cope with a twenty-minute lecture. I've been told several times that I even outpace myself in the structuring process while I speak, that I start new sentences without having completed the old ones because the new explanation or another example fits better than what is currently in the output buffer.

That the basic INTJ approach to a discussion is a bit strange, okay, Geomeyun is right:

To make matters more complex; for fun, we naturally see all sides of the topic and tend to debate everywhere - yes, we can easily debate for a side we do not agree with - just to see how the other person will react or think.

I wrote that in another context, that the capacity for abstraction goes so far as to completely disregard one's personal opinion and analyze both sides of the debate equally, and only on demand put the whole thing in the context of the opinion formed upon the previous debate with ourselves. All the time, I've been wondering which implications result from this different relationship to verbal communication, or how to compare the Vlog of INTJBreakthechain to the one i did myself. There is an obvious discrepancy between the sophisticated writing style and the video. They both look a bit stiff to me (and I have a terrible accent), but for mine that's because I've prescribed and read my text. I'm good at English, but not good enough to follow my thoughts in realtime. That's why you can not really classify that unless you know whether or not she is a native speaker. The story about the specially built teleprompter out of scrap (I did not want make the video newscaster-style) is probably a separate article in the category engineering.

Oh, yes. that is Introverted Intuition for you:

Hey fellow INTJs! Those who thought of the best comeback to a conversation or debate after a week raise your hands!

Sequel coming up soon. There is enough material there and figuring out the differences and similarities is an interesting experience.


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Christine on :

Und wieder kann ich dito sagen!
Ich bin mal nach einer Buchvorstellung gefragt worden, welche Meinung ich dazu habe. Ich war überrascht! Denn ich hatte mich damit nicht beschäftigt!! ????
Ich hatte eine Tendenz, aber das war mir nicht wichtig bei der Buchvorstellung!
Es gibt ein Film, bei dem ich mitspielen. Da das Drehbuch nicht zu gebrauchen war, habe ich mit jemanden zusammen alles neu geschrieben. So auch den Text, den ich sprechen sollte. (der Schauspieler kam einfach nicht) ich war sehr unzufrieden, da es genauso hölzern war, aus meiner Sicht. Im Film passt es aber genau so (rein zufällig ????) ich mag halt doch mehr Bühne. Da kann man eher Improvisation betreiben...
LG Christine

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