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Before someone sues me according to german law, read this:

The service neither collect, store or disseminate any user-related data. Only if you write a comment, the data provided will be stored and displayed. But that is the meaning behind a comment, as far as I know. There is a session cookie from Serendipity to save the user settings. My provider saves the IP address of the user required to use the service and keeps it available for the statistical evaluation of accesses over a period of three months. Your IP address is stored whatever because of the laws against terrorism. Using the data saved by the service provider, they could be traced back to the used port, if the informations on were used for the execution of a criminal offense. I honestly do not know how it could come about, but theoretically this is possible.

The statistics plugin also saves the IP and i reserve the right to use this information against all these who misuse the comment functionality to tout their dubious pharmacy products.

If you do not agree, I recommend you to close this browser window immediately, place all your internet - enabled devices in the parking lot, drive them over by car, and then immediately migrate into the wilderness of Alaska or Siberia away from all civilization to keep your data private. In this case however, you would have to be careful to remain inside a cave, because outside you could be observed by espionage satellites of the Eastern and Western powers, also through a canopy. Even then, you could be observed by hungry bears who can use your recorded movement data to improve their diet.

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