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Now to one of the dark sides of an enneagram 5-1 INTJ. It seldom hits me, thank God, but depression is not pretty. Especially the perfectionism of the Enneagram 1 is especially susceptible when things are no longer perfect, which already happens through natural use. In other words, as a toddler, I could not have it when a string of sausages was cut or something was carried out of the store. As long as you are in a healthy state of balance, you can live well with it, but in a depressive phase, things like that much pull you down a lot. Sure, I take care of my things to avoid them get signs of wear, but it can not be completely averted. In a healthy state, you can live well with it, because once there are two scratches in something, the third is no longer tragic. It's one of the unsolved problems I carry around with me. You also have signs of wear on your own body, and you can not do anything about it. Or take our 5 "steam locomotive: We've been riding it for a few miles and now it turns out that not everything is designed for extended use. Much is simply glide-bearing and these bearings are also worn out, so that the whole control gets more and more slack. You can fix everything with more or less effort (drill and insert bushings) and keep it that way for a while, but it's not made for eternity either. This takes a toll from a perfectionist, if despite all efforts, the wear is faster than the repairs.

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