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Introverted Intuition Part 2

This is a spontaneous short article: The functions were the part of the MBTI where I was most skeptical. Since the Big Five and therefore the four personality factors of the Jungian model (plus neuroticism) are now anchored in official science, the functions are still controversial. On the other hand, I just realized again that Introverted Intuition really has to exist. If I build something, I have either a flash of insight and, so to speak, design something on the beer coaster which "only" has to be implemented. On the other hand, I was improving something and had only a vague idea how - and then I unconsciously forward slowly in small steps, with many pauses and waiting for the ideas. This is completely untypical to other craftsmen whose motto is "screwing first, then think" and they are oftentimes much faster. But in the case of something that can not be easily reversed (holes are drilled much more quickly than closed) and with the requirement of a new, better solution, you have simply to give intuition time to act, since this takes place in the subconscious. I was already in the situation having to explain a customer why I idle for a time while the wage ticks, but it is good invested if you know afterwards exactly which steps are the best and what is the optimal tool for these steps. I just can not stand making a quick botch.


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