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Why is no one able to do things right?

For an INTJ finding the right career path is no easy task. With the inborn lack of respect for the authorities - they have to gain that respect - aiming for promotion is difficult because usually said authorities decide about these promotions. That is why the normal employment is usually not the way to success. In the same way, today's professional world is so specialized that every single job in general has only very little variety - and gets boring over time for the ever-learning INTJ.

In this respect, my personality and my skills are very much suited to being my own boss in a small company and thus enjoying maximum variety and freedom. The price is the responsibility which you have to bear. What annoys me as enneagram 5-1 most is the fact that many things you delegate - you can not do everything by yourself - the returning results don't match what you expect from yourself in that situation. And if the others make that crap, they don't even stand for it and do everything to correct their mistakes. The consequence is that I am in such times almost only on crisis management. Like a crime scene cleaner i remove the manure of other people and then do the originally delegated task myself to get the desired result.

Of course, the question is whether only I notice what is wrong, I have the wrong standards here, or the skills and the effort to deliver a correct result are so limited for other people. Even if I wish it were different: Unfortunately, I seem to be superior in most cases. I ordered at a company that produces digitally printed glass panes and they have a media designer for individual designs. But when it comes to simply changing an existing design - means redo some of the steps they made from the source pictures - then they couldn't do it. I sent a draft with step by step instructions and in the end I had to do it myself after procuring the source data also by myself. I uploaded the result to Google Drive and after I made a change, I was asked send the link again. The same link from the first attempt would have worked again, but Mr. Media Designer did not even try. Or my salesman: asked seriously whether we had brochures from company XYZ, as are lying since weeks in a not particularly hidden corner awaiting to be cleared up. So, Introverted Intuition is a curse, because you are so much more aware of your environment. I could never believe that you can only remember 10% of what you see, as for me this percentage must be a lot higher.

It looks like the inhibition threshold to even start doing something is quite high: At heavy rainfalls it rained for a few days into the exhibition. Once is never, but after the third downpour within four days you can not let it be okay with positioning some pots and vases. As always I was the only one who took the initiative, grabbed the ladder and looked for the cause during the rain. It was a clogged rain gutter which I also cleared immediately. Teamwork? None. Although I had no one explicitly commanded to hold the ladder, I announced my climb on the roof and would have expected an offer of help from a real team.

And if you see how many parts you order and then simply are made wrong, you can only slap yourself. I made a nice sketch for the modification of a worktop and the stonemason simply forgets two oblique cuts. It is despairing ... even if you want something exactly defined, which is quite normal for whom you ask and nevertheless it is not done the right way. Sure, I make mistakes sometimes - but then I fix them myself.

As an INTJ the phenomenon of standing around and discuss is so strange. As a imminent move, we have to set up a few kitchens from the newly planned exhibition into the old one in advance. I outlined it for my employees (ISTJ and ESFJ): look into the plan, pick something fitting in style and see if it fits into one of the existing empty spots, but instead of actually doing something they only agreed to the need to do something - which was already clear from the beginning. Only after I took over and determined that kitchen #3 would fit into the existing #29 (and checked it by measuring), they agreed that it is a good idea. I would expect if I assign this task to receive a list with the possible combinations to discuss then which one is the best, but that simply does not work. Is the creative-analytical requirement too high for the normal employee?

On one hand I do not want to believe that and in view of my own weaknesses my gut feel and wishful thinking says the "the others" can do just as well as I because what I do it is not really difficult, at least in most cases. Rational I experience the opposite: I have to be really really superior to almost everyone, if you neglect the known weaknesses. So even if the gut feel tells that it has to be a lack of a will - that is not true, and this feeling is so difficult to ignore because I don't want to accept the reality of my own superiority.


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Christine on :

Leider wieder wahr! Ich bin jedes Mal begeistert, wenn andere auch was sehen! Die Norm ist aber, das alle anderen Konsequent ├╝berfordert sind!
LG Christine

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