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Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Thinking working together


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S-thinking vs. N-thinking and big vs. small companies

After the last posts you can almost imagine it, but I currently have such a case of low motivation. Interestingly, diary writing works very good and this blog here is essentially that. I can thank my luck that everything worked out otherwise I would be out of commission for weeks, this experiment has actually worked and illustrates just very well the difference between sensor (S) and intuitive (I) types.

To understand what this is about, I have to explain: There are two ways to install built-in sinks in kitchen worktops: laid-up and flush-mounted, so there is no protruding edge :

flush-mounted installation in stone worktop

flush-mounted installation in stone worktop

The problem was for years that this was only possible in waterproof materials, because you have to mill a rebate in the material and in a chipboard you cannot make the cut edge totally sealed and it inevitably swells up. There were manufacturers offering solutions for factory-builtin sinks, but these were expensive and limited to the models they had in stock. Until somebody had this idea:

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Stephan vs. PrusaI3Mk2 vs. NinjaFlex

An ulterior motive when buying the 3D printer was the ability to print with a variety of materials, depending on the purpose. A filament with special properties is NinjaFlex with a Shore hardness of 85A very elastic and thus ideally suited for seals, rubber feet and so on. The fact that the material is compressible also makes the prcessing very delicate. Here are four samples and the story behind them:

NinjaFlex samples

NinjaFlex samples

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Neural Networks

Even if I do not have time, I simply had to write this article. As I said, there is a biological limit to how much you can actively work in a week. In addition to that, one can still do passive things like reading or watching Youtube videos. The algorithm has now suggested a very interesting video for me about neural networks:

The whole thing is related to a project, which I did not mention in my previous article because I did not pursue it. But only because of the time / benefit relation, the topic is extremely interesting.

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Permanent Input

Sure, INTJ are not known as social contemporaries and Christmas is the time for social gathering. Fortunately, I have the gift of a strong sense of self-awareness and could recognize some amazing details this year. I have a little nephew who is turning two now. This one is - like most biennials - not to keep quiet in his chair, but runs around in the apartment, touches everything (especially everything that looks like a car) and woe, you take it away, then the crying begins. As a result, he is allowed to do it all. Sure, two-year-olds are in the middle of getting to know and interacting with their surroundings.

What struck me now is that I feel the same way, but in contrast I am not allowed to do that, it is expected socially that i just have to sit quietly in my chair and listen to the chatter of the adults. Evilly formulated. INTJs are not different in that respect from two-year-olds: we too need a permanent mental stimulus, and conversation about topics that are not interesting in our eyes simply does not count.

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Oculus Rift

I built myself a PC some time ago to run Hauptwerk, especially the Rotterdam organ, which meant a very quiet case and cooler, an I7 4790K and 32GB RAM. When I stumbled over the Microsoft Flight Simulator, I also built in a decent graphics card (Geforce 1070 with 8GB). On the advertising pages of the graphics card driver was information about VR games, so in the aftermath I had an eye on it. More or less unplanned, I decided to buy an Oculus Rift in late November, together with The Climb.

Virtual Reality Experience

The first conclusion: VR is just cool. When I was in Trier for the Christmas shopping, I was really wondering why the customers in the media markets do not carry these things out on a pallet-wise - instead, it seems that the VR glasses have not yet reached the mass market. The Oculus Rift is already pretty mature and affordable with 449 €, a good monitor costs about the same amount. During the setup, I blocked myself first a few days because I did not find the HDMI output on the graphics card and thought it had four display ports. Only after the newly ordered HDMI on Displayport adapter did not work, I've read through the description again and found that behind the third same-looking plug of the graphics card actually hides a HDMI. The setup was pretty straightforward and the introduction is just cool: the touch controllers are presented as the virtual hands, they are exactly where your hands should be and do exactly what your hands do - grab, point ... and everything in 3D.

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Blöder Perfektionismus

I don't know if I it's possible that i have the worst possible combination of personality traits: The analytic-logical side of the INTJ combined with the perseverance of the perfectionist (Enneagram 1). Worst in the sense of: No one else is that freaky. Anyway, that's how it feels in these days. Example 1: This photo

My Prusa I3 Mk2

My Prusa I3 Mk2 with modifications, shot with three flashes

As with many other things that I do, this photo also has two purposes, which is simply more efficient: on the one hand the photo as such, on the other hand the pictured 3D printer. I wanted to discuss the latter for the same reason and I saw the potential for a good photo, then I wanted to make one. Click once with the phone would have taken 5 seconds. This photo about 4 hours.

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Repair instead of new

From the series: you can fix almost anything. Since I am against wasting resources and the throwaway society I prefer repair, even if noone is doing it because it simply takes too long and is thus too expensive. The outdoor lights stopped shining, which was not very surprising given their new function as a underwater spotlight:

underwater spotlight ...

underwater spotlight ...

Every 'normal' buisinessman would've junked them and bought some new ones, but I'm not normal and quite frugal.

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Making your tools yourself ...

Do it yourself has something ... I needed a 10 ° angle cutter, but had none (if there is even one to buy). In the old craft tradition, the craftsman makes his own tools. The material question was quite simple: Silver steel (115 CR V3) can be processed with normal tools and easily hardened.

self-built 10º angle cutter

self-built 10º angle cutter

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New category: Engineering

On a short notice, I decided to move some contents. I am not 100% sure, but the combination of introverted intuition and extroverted thinking is responsible for my technical affinity. Everything that follows deterministic rules. Especially in some situations Ni allows me creative solutions to unusual problems, so I just copy the relevant Facebook posts here and then translate them. I think these posts are quite well suited as an illustration for the mindset of an INTJ. In addition, such a blog finally lives on its contents.