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The Talkative Introvert

While doing a thoroughly self-analysis it was obvious that INTJ and a particular low Interpersonal Intelligence left their traces in my personality - means what is commonly known as "Emotional Intelligence" is only rudimentary for me. On the other hand, this is compensated by Ni, means high levels for attention, observation and memory. I might not being able to empathize with other people, but I can read them anyway. What I have observed is actually a stark contrast between apparent theory and practice. Actually, all people with high EQ and extroverts should also be very open and communicative to other people. The fact is, however, that is definitely not true. And it is obvious for myself: Although I am the exact opposite and I have my problems with people, I am open and communicative like hell, not to say garrulous and surrendering personal detail almost without inhibitions. Otherwise I would not write this blog here.

The whole thing is a phenomenon which seems to be known as "talkative introverts". I cannot say exactly why and can only speak for my motives: I simply don't care what other people think of me. With such a solid self-confidence you can be very relaxed in such situations. I know I'm a freak in the eyes of others and so it can not get any worse. Extroverts, however, define their self-awareness about their image in the eyes of others and have a much greater inhibition threshold. And everyone else with low self-esteem is just afraid that you could harm them with the information they disclose. When I worked on an encryption software, I faced the problem that I really do not have any secrets to encrypt. There are a few things that are really personal and secret, but these can be counted on two hands. And unfortunately there is also the access data for my online banking account ;-)

What is also matters is, of course, the linguistic intelligence. Most people cannot write three coherent sentences. This is especially noticeable on the various online dating sites: 90% of the profiles are almost empty, so just a picture and nothing else. The remaining 9% at least manage to answer standardized questions in three words. There is no one (<1%) to use the 4000 characters for a free text and a meaningful self description. This is very, very sad but also part of another article.

The question then arises: How common is that? As with my other personality facets, I barely get in touch with people who have the same characteristics. So if you like this article, I'm glad about comments.

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So sehr ich ja ein Fan der Persönlichkeitspsychologie und des MBTI-Modells bin, so ist mir auch genauso klar was es alles nicht erklären kann. Klar, vieles hängt wirklich von unserem Persönlichkeitstyp ab und Menschen mit dem gleichen Typ sehen sich mit ä


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