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Being gifted and Multiple Intelligences

This topic is not directly related with INTJ, but indirectly there are connections. Let us first consider the classical intelligence measured by IQ tests. If one reaches more than 130 points there and is thus two standard deviations from the normal 100, is regarded as a gifted - by definition 2,27%. As expected, the intelligence is not evenly distributed across all types. For INTJ and INTP (Einstein ...) there are almost three times as many gifted persons than on average.

The second topic is Multiple Intelligences: apart from the classical mathematical-logic intelligence, there is a model with eight or more intelligences in far more areas such as body domination or musicality.

There are quite a few sources on the subject, but this is quite interesting: And yes, this is only secondhand information, but plausible. Also interesting is: a thread from I have to admit that I never did an official IQ test. But I have enough results from the net or "test your IQ" books to be able to say with a certainty of probability that the result would be somewhere between 130 and 140. Update 10/2017: 126 in the IBF-S, but that was crappy Now, however, the IQ is greatly overvalued as to its importance in real life. I always compare this with the CPU frequency of a computer, more is, of course, better and the calculations run faster, but it depends a lot on what software is planned to be executed. Therefore has the Multiple Intelligence a far stronger impact in real life. Howard Gardner developed this theory in the 1980s. The first eight are as follows:
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence - essentially covering the IQ
  • Linguistic intelligence - speaking and reading, for example writing this blog here
  • Musical-rhythmic intelligence - everything that has to do with music
  • Visual-spatial Intelligence - imagination and orientation and also a visual memory
  • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence - body control both on micro level as well as fine work as well as macro level needed for sports
  • Interpersonal Intelligence - empathy, to put oneself in other people, to influence them
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence - recognize your own emotions, moods, action motifs
While the impact of the IQ itself is not so dominant (I was invited at a Mensa meeting and they aren't so much different from everyone else), the multiple intelligences then make themselves far more noticeable in the respective area. There are no really meaningful tests, but has one and - how could it be different - I get quite the unique result: mypersonalityinfoIt is already bad enough if you have other thinking structures as INTJ than 98% of the remaining population. If you also have such potential, then you are off the scale. For the results, see the following article: Jack-of-all -Trades. But one also recognizes the very great weakness (interpersonal) resulting from such a dominant T: the lack of empathy. How and why other people think and what their actions are is unfortunaly a secret for me. This weakness is compensated for by other factors, such as the increased observation or the ability to predict the future in a deterministic system, but even then it becomes more difficult with increasing irrationality of the people involved. Somehow understandable, if the strength is precisely in abstracting and even distancing from yourself ...


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