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Nobody let me help

This headline is not quite right, but right for the things that I would really like to improve, to contribute to. I now have quite a handful of repositories at GitHub and Sourceforge where my suggestions for improvement have simply been rejected. Why is that exactly? I have no idea. Either other people do not see the need for improvement, or they do not like the way I made the improvements or ...?

Actually, it is very prevalent in the software field, if not part of the principle, that several volunteers work together. In principle ... Let's take Mach3. This is a home-use CNC software, and a lot of hobbyists are using it to remodel their own machines (and it's not freeware). If you want to cut threads on the lathe

Mach3-cut thread M8

Mach3-cut thread M8

then you can not determine the machine code directly and the included tool was ... let's say very rudimentary.

I did not find any other satisfying solution, so I wrote an independent utility that would allow you to cut all kinds of threads (that is, create the machine code for it). I have also optimized a few of the macros of Mach3, because I was already involved. I offered the result to the company, but never got an answer. Maybe because they were already working on the next version (but still selling version 3)? In any case, it would have significantly expanded the reach of my solution if it had been officially included in the package. So I posted the program in the relevant forums, hosted it myself OpenSource and had 600 downloads in a year. Not bad for such an absolute niche product.

Then I modified two signature plugins: one for Android apps, the other for browser usage. And so that both work exactly the same and I have also fixed a few bugs (you should also be able to make points ...). Both push requests were ignored. Maybe because the code was too messy for me and I tidied it up? Basically I should not care, but i do. I find my solution much tidier, technically better and so i want that many people benefit from it, if I make my efforts available to humanity for free. The easiest way would have been if the well-linked sources of the codes had adopted my version, so my fork remains unknown. Basically, that's also true for this blog: if I had one reader a day, I'd be glad. I'm curious, what is becoming out of the request for the newline plugin? I'm not so positive, even if this time I have really only changed 30 lines.

For the other projects, maybe I was just too radical, for Freebasic I wanted to create a patch for some libraries, but the developers just did not want a patch (probably does not fit into the concept), even if the date of the next release is uncertain. But what to do if the normal way takes too long, or is it not done with only small changes? For various descriptions of the INTJ type, we are the born system optimizers, but if you ask an INTJ to optimize, you also have to live with him not just making a few minor superficial changes, but really putting everything into question and so you get much more than you ordered. But since practically all S-types stick to their structures, they probably do not appreciate when someone comes and turns everything upside down - even if it works better afterwards. And on the other hand, I do not understand how they do not want my help because of such unnecessary bias.

For our former main kitchen supplier, the lights are out finally now, the employees dismissed, the name is ruined and the remainder is processed at scrap price. I've been thinking all the time whether that would have happened under my leadership - especially since I also rated the penultimate CEO as INTJ. But if I'm already in debt with 200 million, make no profits with which I could serve the due loans, the constant search for new lenders was not the right solution. What did the man with the last big loan? Acquisitions. I would have been willing to take the radical route, to file for bankruptcy with the lender in my back, to free myself from the legacy and to modernize the infrastructure with the new investor. Properly done that would have remained silent and without negative consequences for my customers, I could have continued right there where I left off with the old company. And you could have organized everything without time pressure in advance. But just: to such a radical solution only an INTJ is capable of. The world is not prepared for us ...


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Beat on :

Hallo INTJ-Stephan ;-)

Ich bin ganz zufällig, über das Serendipity-Forum, auf Dich und diesen Blog gestossen. Gratuliere! Ich habe mich von hinten nach vorne durchgelesen und konnte öfters schmunzeln. Tja. das Leben als Perfektioniest ist schwierig und speziell als INTJ hat mans halt nicht einfach....

Ich bin da ganz anders... musste natürlich auch gleich den online-Test durchführen und weiss nun, dass ich ein INFP-A bin... lach... immerhin: IN ist uns gemeinsam.

Da ich nicht über einen vergleichsweise hohen IQ verfüge konnte ich dem NL2BR-Thread nur halbwegs folgen. Anscheinend hast Du aber das Problem gelöst, dass der "Erweiterte Beitrag" mit einer Leerzeile abgesetzt wird, ohne dass man die Leereile einfügen muss. Also das interessiert mich schon, denn daran habe ich mich auch gestört. Könnte ich denn von Deiner Entwicklung profitieren?

Viele Grüsse aus der verschneiten Schweiz.

Stephan Brunker on :

IQ ist ja nicht so hoch, bei Mensa durchgefallen ;-)
Ich bin durch mehrere Versionen eines geänderten NL2BR-Plugins und die letzte war dann schon ziemlich intelligent. Leider muss ich im Moment 15/7 arbeiten um meine Firma zusammenzuhalten, deshalb ist alles andere liegen geblieben so wie es war. Auf liegt die letzte Version des Plugins im Ordner /plugins/serendipity_event_nl2br , diese ist aber noch nicht perfekt, aber ich fixe das noch.

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