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S-thinking vs. N-thinking and big vs. small companies

After the last posts you can almost imagine it, but I currently have such a case of low motivation. Interestingly, diary writing works very good and this blog here is essentially that. I can thank my luck that everything worked out otherwise I would be out of commission for weeks, this experiment has actually worked and illustrates just very well the difference between sensor (S) and intuitive (I) types.

To understand what this is about, I have to explain: There are two ways to install built-in sinks in kitchen worktops: laid-up and flush-mounted, so there is no protruding edge :

flush-mounted installation in stone worktop

flush-mounted installation in stone worktop

The problem was for years that this was only possible in waterproof materials, because you have to mill a rebate in the material and in a chipboard you cannot make the cut edge totally sealed and it inevitably swells up. There were manufacturers offering solutions for factory-builtin sinks, but these were expensive and limited to the models they had in stock. Until somebody had this idea:

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Sigma Alpha

Today I once again had a great example of what it means to be an INTJ sorting in the social structure as Sigma Alpha. My uncle is a fan of old pinball tables and nine years ago or so, a dealer has lent him one so he can replicate it in the simulator. Since then it was with in our warehouse. Because there piled up so much stuff I asked friendly if it can be returned again and today should be the date. An older man arrived with a rented transporter and nothing else. He probably had a defect in his car shortly before Trier and had to take a rental car. I do not know why he did not reload his tools, but he showed up naked, so to speak. He did not know much about pinballs and my uncle (ENFJ) talked to him a lot when it came to loading the thing. I was in the warehouse and wanted to stay out of the issue. Actually …

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