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The death of the cat

Basically, I'm not a friend of procrastination - with one exception: Schroedinger's cat. In situations where there is a good chance of killing the cat when lifting the lid, I like to postpone it. I've been stalling a real intelligence test for several years now. On the one hand, the results from self-test books and Internet tests suggested that it would have to be enough for giftedness (> 130), but then you never know. But because Mensa seemed to me to be the last chance to get in contact with like-minded people, there was no other option left as to take the test. Now it was quite short-term and there was a big catastrophe in the company and two 80-hour weeks without a weekend in a row are not exactly the ideal test preparation. For the test itself, the organization was a mess and a hallway with improvised tables is not exactly the ideal environment. In short, the result (126) killed the cat quite spectacularly.

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