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Introverted Intuition Part 2

This is a spontaneous short article: The functions were the part of the MBTI where I was most skeptical. Since the Big Five and therefore the four personality factors of the Jungian model (plus neuroticism) are now anchored in official science, the functions are still controversial. On the other hand, I just realized again that Introverted Intuition really has to exist. If I build something, I have either a flash of insight and, so to speak, design something on the beer coaster which "only" has to be implemented. On the other hand, I was improving something and had only a vague idea how - and then I unconsciously forward slowly in small steps, with many pauses and waiting for the ideas. This is completely untypical to other craftsmen whose motto is "screwing first, then think" and they are oftentimes much faster. But in the case of something that can not be easily reversed (holes are drilled much more quickly than closed) and with the requirement of a new, better solution, you have simply to give intuition time to act, since this takes place in the subconscious. I was already in the situation having to explain a customer why I idle for a time while the wage ticks, but it is good invested if you know afterwards exactly which steps are the best and what is the optimal tool for these steps. I just can not stand making a quick botch.

Sapiosexual ... or something like that

I am writing this blog partly because INTJs are more or less confronted with the same problems when it comes to interacting with the world. Since I regularly test as a hardcore-INTJ with values ​​above the 80% and also have the curse of giftedness, I'm like a freak among the freaks. Its most painful and obvious when it comes to dating, where I - surprise - so far had no success. Personalityhacker speak about INTJs in their Podcast and have very interesting insights, which for me as archetype are right on the spot. Among other things they bring up the idea of an exoskeleton which the INTJ develops to protect its inner self and which renews itself with every molt. The last one improved me very much in the field of self-awareness, and so it is foreseeable that a relationship leads to an enormous boost in personality development, even more because that has been overdue for many years.

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Why is no one able to do things right?

For an INTJ finding the right career path is no easy task. With the inborn lack of respect for the authorities - they have to gain that respect - aiming for promotion is difficult because usually said authorities decide about these promotions. That is why the normal employment is usually not the way to success. In the same way, today's professional world is so specialized that every single job in general has only very little variety - and gets boring over time for the ever-learning INTJ.

In this respect, my personality and my skills are very much suited to being my own boss in a small company and thus enjoying maximum variety and freedom. The price is the responsibility which you have to bear. What annoys me as enneagram 5-1 most is the fact that many things you delegate - you can not do everything by yourself - the returning results don't match what you expect from yourself in that situation. And if the others make that crap, they don't even stand for it and do everything to correct their mistakes. The consequence is that I am in such times almost only on crisis management. Like a crime scene cleaner i remove the manure of other people and then do the originally delegated task myself to get the desired result.

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INTJ-free zone

Sometimes the minor occurrences in life give you an insight into how alone you are as an INTJ in this world with 98% non-INTJs. When I wanted to pick up my pizza, a group from my little town sat at the table: four business owners, a teacher and a veterinarian. So actually rather higher level. They discussed the violent demonstrations around the G20 summit in Hamburg and the related escalation of violence. That was so loud that I could not resist it to throw in an argument. I had read in the online edition of the SZ, that the police (respectively the chief of operations) was not innocent because of their strategy. The source is serious and the opinion expressed there is comprehensible. The whole truth can not be put into a single sentence anyway. But once again typical for non-INTJ people was the reaction at the table: My argument was directly fought because the autonomists are the bad guys and the police are the good ones. Also my second argument: "There are always two responsible for an escalation" suffered the same fate.

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The Grey Men or the Battle against Time

Who does not know them, the gray gentlemen from Momo of Michael Ende, at least in germany? Basically, one cannot circumvent the time problem, at least not with my character traits.

While other people are very good at procrastinating, i usually cannot - only for a few exceptions. If something has to be done, I want it done immediately so I can point my attention somewhere else. Besides, I get up in the morning with a plan, which I want completed in the evening.

That is now developing into a vicious circle: If something is more work than I thought, I want to get rid of it nevertheless, the other things on the list too and so my activity goes until late at night, until 2 a.m. or so. On the next morning, getting up is difficult, and I need time to get started. It is just hard to accept that a human needs time for rest and sleep and every attempt to fool around that is either plain harmful or just backtracks and hit you in the arse. Really annoying are the early risers, who only see me slightly sleepy at 10 a.m. and think I would vegging because they leave in the afternoon and do not even see what I work at nights and weekends.

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The Talkative Introvert

While doing a thoroughly self-analysis it was obvious that INTJ and a particular low Interpersonal Intelligence left their traces in my personality - means what is commonly known as "Emotional Intelligence" is only rudimentary for me. On the other hand, this is compensated by Ni, means high levels for attention, observation and memory. I might not being able to empathize with other people, but I can read them anyway. What I have observed is actually a stark contrast between apparent theory and practice. Actually, all people with high EQ and extroverts should also be very open and communicative to other people. The fact is, however, that is definitely not true. And it is obvious for myself: Although I am the exact opposite and I have my problems with people, I am open and communicative like hell, not to say garrulous and surrendering personal detail almost without inhibitions. Otherwise I would not write this blog here.

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