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"Result: unclear"

an comment to my Youtube Vlog resulted in a further analysis of my MBTI type. I don't change the domain of this blog because of that and I still identify with being an INTJ, but there is more to it. I took the function test on and the results were - interesting:

similarminds function test

In my response I said that MBTI and the Jungian theory is a nice tool as long as it fits and it does that most of the time and is useful. But if that test is true, I have a lot of INTP in me because Ti, Ne and Si are far stronger as expected for an INTJ. On the other side: there is no doubt being an INT. If I read the descriptions for Ni, Ne, Ti and Te I can only say: f** it - i have 'em all. Okay, if that means that in my case the Jungian functions tool doesn't fit, than I cannot change it. If you throw the functions overboard and focus on the four traits, then I recognize a destinct difference between me and my INFP mother: while I focus laser-like on a distant goal, fallback-plans included, she follows a lot more her caprices, and I have a lot less stuff and way more order in it while her clutter grows like cancer and is everywhere. So, if you equal Perception with spontaneity and chaos and Judging with long-term planning and order, I prefer J over P and have both the INTJs efficiency and system-building ability with the abstract thinking and inventiveness of the INTP. Just perfect :-( why can't I be NORMAL in even one thing ...?


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Christine on :

Mir geht's gerade genauso, also Kopf hoch! Da hilft nur Rabenschwarzer Humor! ????
LG Christine

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