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INTJ-free zone

Sometimes the minor occurrences in life give you an insight into how alone you are as an INTJ in this world with 98% non-INTJs. When I wanted to pick up my pizza, a group from my little town sat at the table: four business owners, a teacher and a veterinarian. So actually rather higher level. They discussed the violent demonstrations around the G20 summit in Hamburg and the related escalation of violence. That was so loud that I could not resist it to throw in an argument. I had read in the online edition of the SZ, that the police (respectively the chief of operations) was not innocent because of their strategy. The source is serious and the opinion expressed there is comprehensible. The whole truth can not be put into a single sentence anyway. But once again typical for non-INTJ people was the reaction at the table: My argument was directly fought because the autonomists are the bad guys and the police are the good ones. Also my second argument: "There are always two responsible for an escalation" suffered the same fate.

This is just the big, big difference between INTJs (and probably a few other Ns) and the rest of the world: An INTJ would have given an ambivalent answer, pulled out his smartphone and has this new argument thoroughly examined. Or at least asked if this could be substantiated with other facts - assuming that our memory boosted by Ni has no contrary facts in stock. The mindset of an INTJ distances itself so much from your personal point of view that arguments are always considered as a possible truth largely independent of beliefs. For as I said above, in such complex topics, even if many people would like to have so, there is no clear, absolute truth, but only facets of a complex.

If I place the link here, then I have to say something about the matter itself: There were certainly people on the weekend in Hamburg who wanted the riot and that was preventable. The question, however, is how many people have spontaneously taken the decision to grab into the pavement resulting from the actions of the police. This means that the extent of the escalation can basically be influenced by the police. In addition, there were a number of peaceful demonstrators, who had actually deserved the protection of the police and would then have placed themselves on the side of the order. If the article is correct, however, this group was also attacked by the police.

This fundamental, permanent doubt about his personal version of truth belongs to the INTJ. Everything can be revamped by new insights - and when an error occurs somewhere, I first assume that I am responsible myself. But thanks to this constant examination process is what we perceive as true and communicate as such with a very high probability really true - aka INTJs are always right. Or we say from the beginning that ours is only a subjective, possible statement.

And back to the headline: If there is not even in this upscale group open-minded thinking to find, then my small town and the area here is really an INTJ-free zone.


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