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The Grey Men or the Battle against Time

Who does not know them, the gray gentlemen from Momo of Michael Ende, at least in germany? Basically, one cannot circumvent the time problem, at least not with my character traits.

While other people are very good at procrastinating, i usually cannot - only for a few exceptions. If something has to be done, I want it done immediately so I can point my attention somewhere else. Besides, I get up in the morning with a plan, which I want completed in the evening.

That is now developing into a vicious circle: If something is more work than I thought, I want to get rid of it nevertheless, the other things on the list too and so my activity goes until late at night, until 2 a.m. or so. On the next morning, getting up is difficult, and I need time to get started. It is just hard to accept that a human needs time for rest and sleep and every attempt to fool around that is either plain harmful or just backtracks and hit you in the arse. Really annoying are the early risers, who only see me slightly sleepy at 10 a.m. and think I would vegging because they leave in the afternoon and do not even see what I work at nights and weekends.

Dobi writes "Someone who has to do things that he don't like and doesn't have time for the things he wants to do, suffers from burnout" - that would be true for me. As an entrepreneur you have the problem of being responsible for the company and What Needs To Be Done often does not correspond to what you would like to do, both professionally and privately. Professionally, I'd love to weld a transport rack and continue to program the assembly app, and both are on the list - but at the moment other things are more important and not so attractive. And privately .. that is anyway only in second place and I would like synonymous things like converting my lathe (from mechanical switch to frequency converter) or a climbing holiday. But for the first, I don't have time and the second I don't have the right companions.

Then i read in the newspaper that 25% of the Germans could not afford a one-week holiday a year and that is not acceptable. Hmm, i also can not afford a week-long vacation. In contrast to the 25%, i have money enough to get to and stay anywhere i want, but my company would be damaged during my absence, so I can not afford to go on vacation at the moment. If i had a team which would do what i would do - no problem, but in reality they wont even try.That means: Instead of getting relaxed out of holiday i would come back only to do the work I left additionally and that is not a holiday ... and who is fighting for me?

This is not very promising, but the job offer stands: If you speak german, have a sales talent, are creative and a skilled craftsman and you are ready to commit fully, you will get a job as an management assistant and then the opportunity for a partnership if it works out the right way, NJ's preferred ;-)


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